2 Wheel Self Balance Scooter Gyroscope Circuit Board Replacement
Replacement Gyroscopic Balance Circuit Board for 2 Wheel Balance Scooter

Self Balancing Scooter Gyroscope Circuit Board Replacement Remote Ready

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1pcs Wheel Sensor replacement Board for Balance Scooter.

What's Included:

You are purchasing a BRAND NEW, Blue or Green Intelligent Attitude Board (Gyroscope balance control sensor board), which is of higher quality than the red and light green boards. The gyroscopic control board is used to activate the wheels when the scooter is stepped on.

-1 Non-Bluetooth Intelligent Attitude Board

If you are not sure which board you may need, please email us a close up picture of your circuit board.

Product Details:
Dimensions: 4.25 x 0.81 x 0.063 in.
Weight: 0.7 oz.
High Quality

Additional Repair Parts:
For other scooter repair parts, please contact the MySmartScooter staff via phone or email.

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Product Description

Our Self Balancing Scooter Gyroscope Circuit Board Replacement will fit most balance scooters (6.5in, 8in, 10in) and is easy to replace. This gyroscope board is remote ready. If you already have a remote, this is the gyroscope board you need.

We do not recommend changing the balance boards alone, without replacing the main logic circuit board. We recommend you change the main logic circuit board along with the gyroscope circuit boards and here is why. If any of your gyroscope circuit boards have gone bad, it most likely means your main logic circuit board is not regulating voltage properly and will most likely do the same damage to the new gyroscope circuit boards. There is also the possibility of incompatibility. Purchasing our “Complete Circuit Board” kit will eliminate the possibility of voltage regulator problems as well as any compatibility issues, which ultimately will save you time, money, and frustration.

All our parts are certified new and ship from our warehouse in Frisco, Texas U.S.A.

Additional Information

Male / Female

Male Plug Gyroscope, Female Plug Gyroscope, Male Plug Gyroscope w/ Remote, Female Plug Gyroscope w/ Remote


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