10″ Red UL2272 Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter with Bluetooth
Self Balancing Scooter Power Charger Replacement

10″ Red UL2272 Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter with Bluetooth

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All 10″ Hoverboards We Sell Are UL2272 Rated and VERY SAFE!


Our 10″ Red UL2272 Hoverboards, aka Smart Self Balancing Scooters have a larger body style. This Red Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter is One of the Safest 10″ UL2272 Hoverboard Products on the Consumer Market and is backed by a UL2272 Certificate. Every Pathfinder Comes with it’s Own UL2272 Holographic Sticker Adhered to the Underside of the Scooter. No Need to Worry About Questionable Power Chargers with Our Smart Balance Scooters. All of Our Chargers are UL Listed for You and Your Child’s Safety. A Re-inforced Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Frame Houses the Internal Components, Acting as a Fortified Shelter. Rugged, thickened alloy bearings allow for a high-capacity maximum carrying load of 265 lbs. Depending Upon the Weight of the Rider and Environment Conditions, Riders Typically Get Up To 8 Miles Per Charge.

Included in Box:

1 – 10″ UL2272 Hoverboard / Smart Balance Scooter with LED Lights
1 – Bluetooth and Speaker Feature
2 – Pneumatic Tires (Not Solid Rubber, Such as the 6.5″ & 8″)
1 – UL rated Power Charger
1 – User Manual
Packaged in Gift Box w/ Handle
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Product Description


10″ Red UL2272 Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter offers a convenient alternative when it comes to short geographic traveling. The 10″ Self Balance Scooter is practical for trips to work, school, and virtually any place you can walk. Upon arrival to your destination the balance scooter can be easily stored in a small closet or even under a desk, bed or table, out of the way.
Convenient Travel with Balancing Scooters


Balancing Scooter Rigid ABS Plastic Shell
Unique combinations of excellent impact strength with high mechanical strength and rigidity, plus good long-term, load-carrying ability or creep resistance are characteristics of the ABS plastic, from which the balance scooter shell is made. The use of this robust material in our manufacturing process plays a huge and direct factor in why our self balancing scooters have achieved an impressive IP54 enclosure rating, based on IEC standards.


Dynamic gyroscopic stabilization is the heart of how Drifft Self Balance Scooters operate. This technology is what drives the lean-to-go-control, and it allows you to carve silky smooth heel and toe turns. Intelligent chip, Fuzzy algorithm, and motion control are all integrated into the Self Balancing Scooter’s operating system via 2 high-precision gyroscopic motherboards.
Smart System for Drifft Self Balancing Scooter


Self Balance Scooter Aluminum Frame
A reinforced aerospace aluminum alloy frame houses the internal components, acting as a fortified shelter. Rugged, thickened alloy bearings allow for a high-capacity maximum carrying load of 265 lbs. Aerospace aluminum alloys are heat treatable with moderately high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good extrudability. They are regularly used as architectural and structural members.

High Capacity Battery

Our Li-Ion battery packs are manufactured using 20 individual Genuine SAMSUNG lithium-ion cells. All of our battery packs have passed the evaluation ISO9001, UL, CE and RoHS certifications. Our battery packs will keep your self balance scooter operating optimally. You also receive a Smart Charger which will automatically detect the amount of charge in the battery pack and shut off or switch to a trickle mode once the battery is fully charged. Charging time is approximately 60-90 minutes. An 80% charge can be achieved within 60 minutes. Once fully charged, speeds are likely to top out at approximately 12 MPH.
Samsung Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Self Balancing Scooter

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Weight 28.0 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 12 x 12 in


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